What Is The Best Free Keyword Research Tool? – Try Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Number 1 Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is very helpful whenever people search words online through Google. This platform has been around for 10 years, and until 2010 happened the ways have been manual and the name of this application is Jaaxy. And in this article, we will take a look more on the Jaaxy Enterprise.

Before that let’s dig on problems related to keyword tools.

If you have already been acquainted with keywoard tools in the past, then it’s a no brainer that a lot of keyword research tools that generate data, even to metrics, and values that are needed to be deciphered. And dilemmas occur because of these keyword data with no values in their numbers, thus, giving out useless data to those who require it.

So here are a few things you need to avoid whenever you want to invest in keyword tools:

  • Keyword tools that require installation.
  • Those that offer PPC guesstimates.
  • Tools of which make use of Alexa to find out the competitors.
  • Some would need search engines to finish the tasks.
  • Lastly, those that do not give the results from all the search engines.

The notes mentioned above are signs that the tools are inefficient, and not helpful in terms of acquiring data.

Want to have meaningful data without compromising your time and money? Then Jaaxy Enterprise is the one for you.

Three reasons on which makes a keyword tool useful are the following:

  1. The competition the keyword gives.
  2. The possible amount of traffic that the keyword can offer.
  3. And lastly, the sensibility of the keyword produced.

Common sense is very important as it is the basis for the last criteria of having a good keyword tool. The first ones are also known to be given by the Jaaxy Enterprise as they precisely give and collect the data needed. These keywords have a low number of competitors and at the same time give the amount of traffic that makes it SEO available. And as you can look for them, you can also monopolize the search engines through making the video or content that is related to the keyword.

Seems simple? All through the help of data, one can find their money-making keywords easier through this application. The lack of knowledge of keyword research leads to an assumption that no competition is present in this type of platform. Jaaxy also helps you discover stuff that other keyword tools couldn’t decipher. Examples of such include phrases like “women’s nylons” and even to “old age pensions”, and they’re known to be about keywords with less than 300 competing websites found in Google, and such all get that traffic people are looking for at the same time these words and phrases also need to have sense.

The researcher looked up “Women’s Nylons” and with just one click there were about 22 keywords found to have such a phrase. This tells us that through Jaaxy about 22 keywords have been searched through and are also known to be easily ranked in Google. Later on, the phrase “Old Age Pensions” was searched, and there were about 18 keywords that have been found afterward, all that could work with the website to create traffic and all needed to improve the website’s popularity.

Such investigations just explain the greatness of this tool, that with just two searches in a few clicks, the keywords needed for the branding of the new advertisement has been established. If another keyword tool was used it would have taken a lot of time just to cater to the data needed. That’s why Jaaxy is the best keyword tool known online as you save a lot of time, and effort to get what you just need.

Another perk of using this tool is with every click-through such, the Exact Match Domains needed are already readily available with every search done, thus, catering about 90 domains per search. So, if you need to look for domains on the internet, then Jaaxy Enterprise is the one for you.

Such domains are known to be found through Jaaxy, and these are sellable. This means that one can potentially buy a domain and place a small website in it, of which later on Google will rank the domains found with the keywords, and let it be in first place in Google. A domain annually costs at $10, and with a thousand clicks. Letting this platform truly a businessman’s best friend because of its efficiency, and domain finder.

Now it’s time to pick the perfect Jaaxy plan for your wallet, this tool can find a niche, and know-how to search on the rank of your website in Google, look through the related sites, give a thorough analysis on your competitors, even make lists of keywords you can choose for your page. Just like any other platform, there are plans of which you can choose from:

For $0 cost you can have the Jaaxy Starter, but if you want to invest in it then the Jaaxy Pro is for you at $19 monthly or $199 annually. And if you want to get all of the program’s gems then the Jaaxy Enterprise is the one for you with only $49 every month, and $499 yearly you can truly get what you are paying for!

Every plan for everyone, the free version lets you use the program however with limitations, but fret not you can still get what you are needing the app for, keyword searching. And once you are ready for commitment but on a tight budget then Jaaxy Pro is the one for you. With fewer bucks spent you can still enjoy most of what’s in the Enterprise version of this program, and the only downside to it is that it isn’t as fast as the latter. Another thing to note is that this is a web application, meaning that you will have to use a good internet connection to be able to use this. Also, you can access this through your cellular phone letting you search through keywords wherever you are. Talk about convenience! So, try this out for the future of your online enterprise.


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