Foundational Online Marketing Plan

How To Make A Good Advertising Plan For Your Online Business?

How you market your business also affects your success, because, without a good advertising strategy for your business, you won’t be able to cater to the audience you want to try your products or services out. So, it’s very important to plan out your marketing strategy before officially starting your business.

Here Are Five Steps On How To Make A Good Marketing Strategy For Your Future Online Business:

  1. Make your website

To prevent you from relying on Facebook or Instagram to market your products or services, making your website is the best way to achieve success in online entrepreneurship. By creating your website, you can advertise your products or services just as how you want it to be. You can take control of whatever comes in and goes out of your site, think of a foundation for any infrastructure for a carpenter to make such he’ll need to make sure of the building’s solid foundation so that the result would be a success. This is no different from your online business as your foundation can be your website. Imagine it as your virtual high-rise building, to make it last a long time you have to make sure that it has wonderful support. That’s why it is very important to create a great website that would last for a long-time as you have set a base for it, and definitely, success online will be knocking at your door anytime soon.

  1. Plan your content, and post them on your website

What is a building without its furniture right? Space isn’t appealing to your future buyers, so make sure that you plan out what you want to put on your site. After planning out thoroughly how you want to market your products or services, make your content, and post them on your website. Content is very important in the online world as it potentially creates traffic as it optimizes the search engine. Through your content as well you can connect with your wanted audience that will eventually lead to your future gain, and lastly establishing your brand will result in a stable and long-lasting enterprise.

Examples of possible content you can put on your website vary from photos of your products or texts about your services, to even testimonials from people you have asked to do a free trial of your products or services, and videos and audio clips about your business. Just like how social media works nowadays, the content you make on your page will garner the audience, and with this audience, your potential buyers will arrive.

  1. Build your website traffic

To build an empire, you’ll need a lot of followers, and for online businessmen, their website traffic is very important as it helps with the quality of your website, and lets you have more visitors than usual. The main question is how can you have traffic on your website? The answer lies in what your content is. For example, creating content by making blogs about your products or services, videos, ranks from Google which includes your content, and through paying traffic and advertisements. With these, you can create more traffic on your website, and improve your number of future buyers.

Stuff like these can be studied with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, as through this platform you can be educated about the dos and don’ts of online enterprises. And if you can’t fathom all the directions in one go, worry not as these things can be learned through time.


  1. Monetization

Making money online is possible through traffic from your website. Some ways on how you can earn from your site are the following:

Sell your advertisements to other people who have a website.

Market your partner products or services.

Trade products from Amazon.

Sell your website.

Put advertisements on your website through Google Adsense

These are just six ways on how you can monetize your website, with the content you’ve done for the internet traffic, you have an unlimited of possibilities to earn so just be patient and hustle harder. You can use this as a side hustle if you want to get money online.

  1. Look for friends in the right place

Success comes with people who support you from Day 1, so try to make friends, from online to offline. Know who to trust as well as there are scammers everywhere so you must be vigilant enough on who you talk to online. A perfect example is to join my hangouts where online marketers support each other all for free! No need to pay a single cent, just sign up and you can join the community.

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