Affilorama Affiliate Program – Is It Another Scam?

Name: AffiloramaAffilorama-Affiliate-Program

Website url:
Price:  $1 thirty day trial, $67 monthly, $497 for three years +    upsells
Owner:  Mark Ling
Rank: 79 out of 100

Affilorama: The Membership Overview

Founder of Affilorama, Mark Ling, began his affiliate training in 2005. And this brainchild of his started when he thought to train his partners within the spectrum of their business “Jamorama” and “Rocket Piano”. So, he created the platform Affilorama with dedication to teach his colleagues and even strangers affiliate training.
You can choose different sorts of membership options that appeal to your liking, and even products to settle together with your membership, this includes the essential entry level to a more complex and advanced one that has some plug ins included with it. Development is additionally present during this platform as Affilorama is understood to be one among the simplest in its industry especially with its progress through time. And with this review we’ll dig more about the program including their “upsells” inside this program.
But before that, let’s explore first on benefits and disadvantages of this platform, and we will go further in details about the various features of each membership.


The Pros vs. Cons




  • Offers simple educational basics on software apps.
  • Let’s you access to one of the greatest affiliate marketing society worldwide.
  • The free version allows you to delve into the basics without paying anything.
  • Paying the premium membership features a three-year plan for your advantage.
  • The founder is highly admired within the affiliate marketing industry.




  • You have tons of options to choose from that’s why it’s challenging to settle on the membership best for you.
  • The free version has little perks compared to the premium one.
  • Be cautious of misinformation advertisements in your training.
  • The premium membership is quite expensive once you begin to add offering and upsells.
  • Concerns related to the platform is sent the support team and not directly to Mark.


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First, What type Or kind of Marketer Is Affilorama Affiliate Program Designed For?


The variety of membership plans to choose from and even the training that comes with it, Affilorama made to gear their members and let those who want to earn extra cash online apply their learnings as an affiliate merchant. The training given by this platform equips their members from learning the basics of website making to complex marketing methods.

Any background on website making, hosting, advertising, or content management isn’t needed. As you’d be trained on these from its basics to advanced lesson involving affiliate master, Mark Ling, who is very known in the industry because of his advertising strategies, and entrepreneurship skills.


The Breakdown of the Training Within Affilorama


The training of Affilorama begins with the fundamentals of combining videos together with other online resources with detailed instructions. Following are various software applications given that you may use like site ranking and analysis equipment online.

Premium membership entails you of addition training materials to accounts from successful online businessmen, and some bootcamp videos as well. They also give content that have been personally made for the avenue you want to explore.

They offer an Affilorama Jetpack that helps you make a website and customize it to your liking, and also offers a hosting kit, and lastly Affilorama Theme which also is like the Jetpack one.

Additional information regarding these are stated on the following paragraphs.


Is There A Support From Mark Ling Within Affilorama?


All plans offered by Affilorama is equipped with a support system from the members, ranging from those from the free version to the premium. There are times when someone can offer you a direct help but sometimes people aren’t online so you’d have to wait for when someone can answer your concern through the forum where it takes about few days for someone to answer your concerns, however, some can offer detailed help through telephone calls or a live style of chat support.

Take note that everything from talks, concerns, and even comments can be told within the turf through the forum and bulletin boards. There are moments when Mark Ling will be present in the talks, however, a reply from him isn’t assured as he hustles a lot and a very busy businessman with all the projects he has as of the moment.

How Much Does Affilorama Cost?


The cost of joining this platform is quite confused as Affilorama offers a wide range of products, and upsells. Products are rest assured of great quality however they are a little inferior and more costly than the known best program in the internet for affiliate marketing coaching.

Details on what you can get from the range of products, to their prices are going to be stated below.

Affilorama Premium ($67 per month)


So, what can you get from the premium membership that costs $67 monthly? It entails you a training kit, geared with software, limited hosting and access to forums in the community.

Affilorama Premium Breakdown


What includes your premium package? You get access to the Affiliate program Training, Premium Equipment, Blog Bootcamp,Website Hosting, and even PLR Articles (as seen on the photo above). Despite these training being great, it is important to keep in mind that some flaws are still present.

You can see this first on their “Link Building inside the Blog Bootcamp” as one out of the four bootcamp lessons that are made to train you on these backlinking strategies of which contains 25% of the wholetraining.


Affilorama Backlinking Training


What Is The Problem With Backlinks?

The main con of this is that it can cause you in a lot of trouble especially with Mr. Google, and despite it working back in 2012, so much time has already passed and a lot have lost their ranking in the internet together with their businesses. That’s why outdated misinformation can definitely result to failure. As with updates from Google Panda and Penguin, a lot of sites that have emphasized backlinking were eventually nowhere to be found in the search engine making it a big disadvantage.

Another issue concerning this platform is that it promotes private label rights to the contents you can access as these articles could be outdated and not anymore useful for the developing world wide web that will result to your advertising strategy a big failure.

PLR Content At Affilorama – Bad Idea

Contents found on PLR articles are duplicates of which if you use any of these on your site you will definitely lose all your rank. They also offer outsourced articles that may never give you the impact you want compared to that you create yourself. PLR may be alright in 2010 however not anymore today as it can really affect your business which is really a bad thing.

Affilorama Premium Tools…


Fifteen tools are included to the premium version of which not all are useful enough as there are those that will just give you nonsensible information. An example of this is the “Trusted Site Tool” that checks your Page Rank in Google (PR), yet this kind of strategy is outdated and doesn’t assure that the site checked is really legit. These outdated tools aren’t as useful as they used to so it’s important to think thoroughly if you plan to invest on the premium membership.

The “Social Snoop” feature also is another example; this tool is said to look for social applications that you can backlink with. This is also another irrelevant not great for SEO or other online businesses. Lastly, the tool use for article spinning it is not recommended now and that one will definitely end your online business.

Those are just few cons on this platform that Affilorama people should take note to, as updating their training together with their tools can really improve the present SEO and online entrepreneurship.


Now, Lets Check The Upsells…


The upsells advertised by Affilorama include its expensive price point at $67 to access the premium features of the site. And since the price is really costly, let’s see the upsells that you should take note before investing on this site.


Upsell #1: Membership for AffiloBlueprint3.0 [$197 And $67 per month]


This type of membership gives you a kit with thirteen lessons, eighty-five videos that cover subjects from affiliate marketing to niche, and even research, aside from that traffic strategy WordPress themes, PPC and SEO, and are given to you once you avail this. However, this includes an upsell that once you purchase this, support is not included, and if you would need that you have to avail for it, and pay another $67 monthly!


Upsell #2: Membership for AffiloJetpack ($497)


This one offers a “niche marketing” kit that the founder has made to gear you with some of the advertisements from his services and products. They do have great training materials, and you also got the chance to access to these:

• 5 Niche Packages Of Your Choice [out of the 10 available]
• 15 Newsletter Email Series, one per niche
• 3 e-books will be given and it’ll be 3 per niche (these are designed for free reports)
• Access to Affilotheme
• Graphics for each niche
• 20 PLR Articles

Giving you an option for the founder, Mark, to educate you and be a part of his affiliation. The main issue with this is that it costs you so much, and is very overpriced knowing that the kit also includes outdated material that won’t be any use for you anymore.

With this price, you need to think it through before investing on it, as there are a lot of alternatives you can choose from online that offers the same thing, but costs way cheaper than this one.


Upsell #3: Affilotheme ($97)


This version is mainly for WordPress themes, yes, it includes free hosting for a year, and the following:

• Affilotheme WordPress theme
• Training videos on how to use it
• Private Members Only Forum
• Graphics Creation tool

However, it is just another expensive offer by Affiliorama as it only entails you to themes that would cost you $97 more than your premium membership. That isn’t really a good deal.


My Opinion of Affilorama


Surely, Affilorama do offer you a lot of deals ranging from training materials, to tools, and support, together with the good name Mark Ling, the founder carries in the affiliate industry, but due to their upsells, and a lot of outdated training methods they still use and a lot of it are confusing and not useful for those starters in the industry, this platform should be thoroughly studied before you do an action. Joining the free version would let you explore the website more, and let you think through before deciding to spend a dime on it.

Final Overview

Name: Affilorama Program

Official Site:

Owner: Mark Ling

Rank: 81 out of 100


Final Conclusion:


Legitimate, overall training with some few flaws, Very expensive upsells

Wealthy Affiliate is Highly Recommended and is Totally Legitimate!


Want to Become a Well-Rounded Affiliate Marketer?

For more inquiries and thoughts, you would like to share, or give your own review on Affilorama, feel free to leave it down on the comments section. Thank you.

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