Pure Leverage Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Pure Leverage Review


Product Name:  Pure Leveragepure leverage review

Official Site:  pureleverage.com

Price: $24.95 + $19.95/mth, $141.90/mth

Owners: Joel Therien

Recommended: No

Verdict:  Limited Quality Products/Tools, Lots of Upsells



So, what is PureLeverage.com (PL)? It is website that advertises the online marketing training equipment and education from PL in order to help online entrepreneurs in terms with their advertising strategies, and sales. They assure you that you can get your profit within a 30-day span, which entices business owners to join their platform. Members also have an option to promote their businesses through PL via a multi-level marketing strategy (MLM) wherein a member earns from sharing a part of the income of a recruited member of which they can get through active members.


The Pros And cons




In terms of their multi-level marketing strategy (MLM), the company ensures its members that they will get unlimited referrals and “Powerline”. The way their earnings will be generated is through their individual sales from the training products and services offered by the company; and residual earnings can be through them making an MLM business themselves.




In order for the member to be promoted they must be at the higher business rank; thus, the success of your enterprise is also your personal success in the platform and this incentive entices you to enter this level as soon as possible.
Advertising can also be done via Authority Blog wherein members can only have one blog running in the community. And you must hustle hard to create other online businesses in order to gain money through your blogs, however, the downside is that the company would take ownership of your content, which means that you aren’t making your content for yourself alone, but also for the company. But if you want to have two free websites and also hosting, click here.


Who is it For:


This platform is great for those who are already a master in MLM that are looking forward to make another MLM-based enterprise.


Training/Tools Overview:


MLM is more concentrated at in the training scheme of PL, and less likely on how to make use of the tools given by the company for the improvement of your online business.
It is also important to note that some of the equipment may not work as great as in other companies, or they aren’t fully updated. For example, the tool “Authority Blog” is quite fishy as the company would own the content you made and you may not earn from it.




In terms of their support, most users state that PL gives a poor support system, and that you can only address your concerns through electronic mail, and the replies take a lot of time even for the simplest ones. And their contact number is only for billing concerns.




In conclusion, PureLeverage is a daughter company of GVO which is a known Texas-based web hosting enterprise that was made by Joel Theirien (a known online businessman), however, the company isn’t accredited by the Better Business Bureau because of them failing to give the needed information about their business, and also wasn’t able to back up the claims stated in their own site.

Another sad thing about them is that once a good review comes out about PL, another would criticize them instead. Also, one for the known testimony found in their site came from someone who created a competitive online enterprise confesses about the scams made by PL.

So, if you want to try out the online business industry, be wary of who you trust, and note those who gives so much promises about giving you easy money. Also, beware of those with statements like “tell the truth about…”, and especially those with claims and too much praises that are too beautiful and with less constructive criticisms.

Lastly, if you aren’t well acquainted with MLM, then PL may not be the best for you, as this community is best for those who are already great at it. They also have a small number of products and services, so it wouldn’t be really for those who are starters.


In summary, a comparison review between Wealthy Affiliate and Pure Leverage was made.

Pure Leverage Review

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