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Price:  $47 ($37 with special discount)

Owners:  Socrates Socratous

Rank: 65 out of 100



Socrates Socratous is a famous online marketer, and he did feature the “Killer Content System” in one of his videos. He labeled the program as something that would immediately start running as you open the site. The first thing you will see in their page is a statement about how a person earned $22,502 within a month of working with them, and a video is also included right below the statement for more information.

So, what are the contents of the video? The video just tells you that the company will let you earn money with just a short span of time, and also added that a lot become ten thousand dollars richer because of them.

The company also assures its clients that creating your website would be easy as ABCs, and with just a click on a mouse you can already have a running site. This is surely best for those who don’t want to put much effort in making affiliate pages, and even running them by themselves.

Their membership costs $47, and they convince their potential members that it is something worth investing at by their quick way of creating websites, which is a great advantage compared to other affiliate sites in the market.

This review is made for you to be able to decide whether or not the program is worth your every buck, but take note that earning big amounts isn’t guaranteed in just being in the company for a few months, just like the others it must need some effort, and patience as the internet changes through time. And rankings do change with time.



Pros And Cons For Killer Content:



The Killer Content is actually one of the inexpensive marketing affiliate programs found online, and with a $10 discount, you can join the platform for only $37.

The company offers a lot of video tutorials that are great for those who learn visually. And lets you have the comfort of watching and learning from them all at the same time.

They also provide you with tools that you can make use of in order to begin your online business venture.



The downside of the company is that there a lot of tools that you can make use of that sometimes it gets uncomfortable especially for those beginners who have no idea about the nature of these tools. So, it would require a lot of your effort and patience to get with the platform to be able to earn from it as well.

Their tutorials are sometimes too complicated to understand, that’s why you have to research more before internalizing the contents of their lessons, take note that is also applicable to their advertisement material. The company is also more popular because of their said earning potential that they put in their marketing promotions.

Another disadvantage of the company is its teachers are a bit emotionless, resulting to their lessons a little boring as well. Something that doesn’t appeal much to the students.

The program doesn’t offer a trial period, so you’ll have to decide thoroughly before even trying to invest into them.

Lastly, the spirit of being independent is marketed in the company as unlike others, they let learn all on your own, and you won’t have a community that you can go to when times get rough and you have a lot questions and concerns in mind.


The Overview:


Just as stated earlier, yes, the program does offer a quick website creating service, letting you run a website without any hassle, and eventually earn from it through time. However, the scheme offered by the company is already out of date, thus, research can really help you create unique and updated stuff of which can be included in the rankings online.

With all the training, and tips given to you, you surely would be able to make money out of this program, however, the tools given by the company won’t be as much of a use to you (which is part of what you paid for).


Who Is This System Designed For?


This type of program is best for those who are still starting in the marketing affiliate industry, if you are someone who have no idea about how to market or even design your own pages, then Killer Content is the system for you. And due to the fast website making software of the program, it also means that you can earn as soon as your site starts running. Another bonus includes the program offering a thorough step-by-step coaching on how can you really make money.

That’s why, this company is one of the most suggested products known in the industry, as it is really great for beginners, and those who are in rush for some side cash. Just remember to create the content you are posting on your site uniquely, and never use article rewriters.


What’s Included:


So, what do you get with your $47 investment on this company? You will be able to access to their fundamental coaching videos that lets you learn how to gain money from your articles, to teaching you how to market your products, making electronic mail lists, produce keywords that are efficient, earn readers, and etc., and an e-book report maker that lets you take care and promote what you are selling.

Aside from these videos, they also give you some PLR articles, and a website administrator that assists you in your upgrades in your websites. And a lot of tools (that sadly are outdated) that can improve your SEO.


Customer Support:


The only way you can access customer support is through contacting them through electronic mail. They don’t offer a live chat tool, which makes it a little inconvenient for your part.


The Price:


With just $37 (their discounted fee from their original $47 price), you are looking at a really inexpensive program you can invest to if you don’t want to take a lot of cash out for this kind of business. And one way you can get this offer is through their video found as soon as you open their site. It automatically reduces $10 from the original price as soon as you sign up. What a deal!


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Killer Content System Review

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