Is Swagbucks a Scam or Is It Safe And Worth the Effort?

Swagbucks Review swagbucks-review

Price: Free
Owners: Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson,

Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi
Rank:  75 out of 100

The Product

Want to get something back from just by lurking online? Then Swagbucks is the one for you. This is a platform where you can earn rewards with just by searching anything! It lets members covert their virtual cash into rewards.

Your hard work will be rewarded with varying values every time you hit the search button. People can earn from a dollar to a thousand, and the average earnings stay within the range.


Pros vs. Cons


You can join for free, and use it as soon as possible!

Get your rewards from all your hard work by earning Swagbucks.

Earning can be through different easy ways like playing a game, answering surveys, or through the search engine.

You also can use your Swagbucks as gift cards.

Earning made easy with the application version of this platform found in the AppStore or PlayStore.

You get a bonus of 30 Swagbucks right after you sign up.



Earning through the search engine is a hit or miss.

Increasing your earnings take some time.

There is a limited number of gift cards you can avail, and there’s only up to five of every kind.

If you plan accessing the site, try to not use your phone as it gives you limited features that you can access and also limited discounts are offered there, so it’s best to use it with your personal computers or laptops.

Weird search history can lead to you getting blocked by the platform.

Who can use this site?

This site is for those who have their own personal computer and make some small cash from the platform through playing a game, answering surveys, or whenever they hit the search button.

Tools and Training

The website is very user-friendly and simple to use letting you explore the functions without worrying what to do next. How you claim your rewards is also thoroughly interpreted through video tutorials. Everything runs through the browser whenever you use your computer, and downloads are only needed if you opt for the phone application.


An exchange of experiences from member are found in the website through their videos posted on YouTube, and also can be found in the website. Also, if you want to inform the customer service whenever issues are met in the website you are free to message them through electronic mail.

The Price

Both the website and mobile version of the website is free of charge whenever one signs up.

My Final Opinion on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is great for people who have spare time to earn on the side, the downsides of the site include ads whenever you play the games which is a little annoying. The payment process is also slow until you hustle hard and note that you can claim only around $25 for every gift card that you’d claim. A shuffle of what to do in the site is followed so you’d most likely get surprised on what you are going to do. Also, don’t expect much on the virtual cash you can earn because they aren’t that big.

To be honest it is an effective way to earn just by taking a little of your time, good thing there has been not much statements that assure you will get rich here.

swagbucks review

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Final Conclusion: LEGIT, Very Limited Earning Potential

If you already are acquainted with the site and have some comments or experiences you would like to share, kindly leave them down below. And for further questions, ask freely as well.



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