Google Sniper Review – Is It Still Effective?

Google Sniper ReviewGoogle Sniper has been an online platform that lets you earn some side cash through the internet. It has been around with three versions, and the current is their 3.0 version with updates, and includes different suggestions on how you can improve your marketing strategies online.

The company promotes their program as something that has a great money-making scheme that you can make at the comfort of your home. They also stated that you can get a whopping six figures with zero dollars invested.

You can check below our google sniper review pros and cons. But before that you have to understand that the statements appear to be quite good to be true, making their claims skeptical. However, the founder of the program based this claim from his own progress with the program with an inclusive guide of how to have the same returns.




  • Google sniper is valued at $47 monthly, and includes its simple and user-friendly interface.
  • The program educates you to make more than one sniper affiliate website.
  • It is very friendly for those starters, and with less experience.
  • They are also very flexible as its system can work anytime, and wherever you are.
  • Passive earnings can be secured once your site get traffic.



  • The program has a lot of upsells (tools that aren’t as useful and would cost you more).
  • Getting traffic in your site takes time, so as the income that comes with it.
  • You’ll need to invest more time in learning the way around the platform.
  • One-page sites aren’t updated and difficult to be ranked by Google.

Product overview:


Based on the site’s claim, the program paved its way for a 17-year old to earn six-figures without investing much in the enterprise. The platform also educates you on how to make marketing referral websites that will contribute to a lot of traffic, and you get to earn from the traffic to deals from different pages, and continue your gains by making different sniper sites to keep your passive earnings going.

Aside from the training materials given by the site, the tools are very essential as this helps in website making, monitoring of the traffic created by your websites, and even with the content you are making, as these are factors that you can work with when using the system.

With the aid of the program, you can also determine what can give you the most profit out of your hard work, you will be able to distinguish as well what are the keyword sets that can help you get referral sites from that niche, and search the best similar platforms available in order to get the maximum gain off your site.

The things we discussed on the former paragraph are the main principles that the program lives by, and promise to educate you together with the fundamentals of setting up your website alongside its design, and content making.

Once you follow the guidelines, it will help you choose which bank products you want to advertise, and make a site with it, and keywords that would be essential for your enterprise. Later on, you will also be able to explore analyzing how the traffic comes and goes into your site, and lets you strategize your next moves in order to get more referrals from the online community.

Money isn’t quite easy for this program, however, with a good amount of network you have that would lead to having more traffic in your site, then surely, money will come in.

Who is it for?


Google Sniper is great for those who want to earn side cash while they are at the comfort of their own homes, it can be for those retirees who want to enjoy working just like they used to, or students who need some extra money, and even for those who just want to get some side income. It takes time to create a network of your own, and even with the dollars that comes with it. But note that the program lets you earn from hustling few hours daily while creating websites and checking on them as well.

Training/Tools Overview:


The program provides weekly lectures that is best when you want to learn outsourcing, and also in setting up websites together with 25 different videos, and also help you through a manual that can help you throughout the whole process.

An addition to the fundamentals you get with as you sign up, you can also have access to Rolodex that can contribute to your network, and help you learn more techniques about the business, together with that the community can also offer limited guide throughout the span of you monetizing through your commissions. They also offer a 24/7 helpline that you can access to get instant help from the specialists of this field.

Aside from the basic tools they offer, you can also have specialty offers from the program with a low cost! These can assist you into the depths of marketing through electronic mails, videos, and upselling as well. Upselling your sites can help you profit more than the usual, and help you make new sites and your tools for getting your commissions, and also new subscribers.

Updated tools are also available for also updated methods on how to earn from the business, and upgrade your enterprise as well.



The cost for investing on Google Sniper is $47, or you can try out their $1 membership (trial version) for five days! They also offer a one-day trial that costs $1.05 wherein you are already exposed to the core of the platform. However, most of the members go for the one-time payment of $47 as they already are well acquainted with the program and what it offers.

Aside from the membership fee, the company offers several “add-ons” that are priced below $47 however, this is optional, and only for those who want to invest a lot more in the company. These add-ons are of different lessons about the ways of the business that aren’t offered in the starter’s version of the program. So be wary of the possible upsells the company offers, as it could get pricier through time, as there is a $47 one-time option to a monthly $47 payment.

An assurance of making money quickly isn’t certain in this platform because you still have to refer in order to gain your commission, however, if you hustle hard and give maximum effort, then, you surely can earn from here. Anyone can use the program, and most of them are enticed as they want to make their online enterprise and through that earn extra cash. Thus, this can also be a mean to learn the basics of online advertising, and improving your business.

Wealthy Affiliate is for those people who are willing to help out those who have inquiries, and are also willing to ask questions, or communicating with other members through the live chat.


1. The community is willing to help you out with your concerns through the live chat tool.

2. You get two free WordPress sites you can customize and make some extra cash on, they will also train you on how to make them, and monetize from it.

3. Training videos are readily available, and you can access it whenever you want to so that you can improve your site, advertise it, and also earn from it.

4. Aside from the free website they also give you access to ten training videos you can use to guide you throughout the process.

5. They have made upgrades as well, and is known to have servers that have high security with them. Click here for more information on this.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Google Sniper

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