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empower network reviewCurious on what Empower Network is? No worries, as we will dig into this program in this review. This structure was created by David Wood in 2011, specifically in Florida. The community began with its mission to educate potential online business owners, and spill the tips in better online advertising.

They offer in their package their famous blogging program that lets you publish your site, and also an online-based course program that will guide you on how to attain the advertising skills to have a successful site together with methods on how to make contents. Another perk of joining them includes a website developer that is designed by the network. Also, the community has about 30,000 members, and about 120,000 students who have enrolled in their courses.


Pros –


Most reviews of people who are acquainted with the Network said that the platform is best for any type of online entrepreneur, as it deals with multiple topics ranging from how to create your own online shop to even real estate! Talk about its flexibility.

Cons –


A downside of the company is how complex some explanations on how to become successful are. Their statistics state that about 95% of their people aren’t great in terms of Multi-levels Marketing (MLM), and that you have to refer someone in order to earn from it aside from making sales. Earning your commissions requires a lot of effort, and cost. In this network, it will require you to sell a lot for them, and aside from that you have up-sell as well. A monthly membership is also to be paid if you want to get your commissions, and sadly, the cost of the memberships also increases as you want to get paid more. You also won’t be able to own your blog, as the company owns it, however, you have the freedom to customize your site. And whenever you sell a product you sure do get a commission however it entails for you to give up the following sales of that same item.




empower-network-reviewRight after you sign up with Empower Network, you can directly earn just by making content, and from selling products, all in the comfort of your home.

There is also a hierarchy in the membership, as your earnings depends on what kind of member you are, this means that if you subscribe to a basic level, and someone from a higher level buys a product you sell, you won’t be able to earn much from it compared to if you are in a higher level than your buyer, and aside from that, the person who is at the same level of the buyer gets the commission.

On the brighter side, the company offers good marketing classes with worthy information like “Principles of Marketing” as it is at per of a 6-week course from a community college that costs $400, so totally a perk for you.


Wealthy Affiliate vs Empower Network

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Who is this company for? People who have spare cash to use for investment, and willing to wait for their profits as they master the methods in marketing. Yes, the program offers some tools you can use as you begin your journey, however, you aren’t earning as much as the effort you have been giving to the program (time, and effort, plus the membership fee monthly). That’s why you need to think through if you want to put in some money into the program as it could get pricier through time.




The company promotes their tools as you sign up with them, and they have labeled it as tools that can bring you success. A blogging program is directly offered to you right after you pay them $25, and aside from that they give you a checklist on what to focus on your journey, and also a fast training tutorial. They also have a mobile application, of which makes it easier for you to use wherever you are.




The package you get after you settle your membership fees include a marketing training program, a website where you can start blogging, and also costumer service assistance that can aid you in your journey. A “Monday Night Empower Hour” is also prepared by the company to propel you to work harder as you start your week of work. The only problem with the program is their hierarchy wherein its difficult to get help from the higher levels, which is very comparable to the one from Wealthy Affiliate.




So, how much money is required to get affiliated with the company? With a fee of $25 you can enjoy the basics of the program, and for the monthly subscription you’ll need to pay $19.95 where you can start earning through advertising the products found in the company. Sadly, the company doesn’t offer a trial version, which means you’ll have to rely on reviews (like this) to get to know the company first before you take some money out of your pockets to be a part of the community.


How about the higher levels? If you are ready to invest more in the company, then the “Inner Circle” is the next level for you, priced at $100 monthly, this level entails you an automatic electronic mail services where you can send replies. You will also be able to get more learning materials in podcasts and audio forms from different successful online entrepreneurs.


For the level after this it would cost $995 that includes the said 15k formula program that focuses on educating you on how to advertise yourself and your company in the internet. There are exclusive topics you can access if you invest that much with the company. The information shared are also regularly updated so it assures you that you are learning those that will help you whenever you want.


They also have a $500 program that has 11 video tutorials by the creator of the company, David Wood. This is called the Costa Rice program, as the topics discussed were of which Wood talked about in his retreat at Costa Rica. It focuses on how to communicate with your subscribers, and also more strategies in advertising.


The most expensive tool of their program is the $3,500 “Masters Retreat” program that is a workbook that comes with your forty pieces of training material that is said to be the heart of marketing.


You need to have a disposable $5,000 if you want to invest in all their training material, yes, it is pricey, and most people will say that it’s like investing on a college program. So, think about it first before you join this company as there are a lot of marketing companies found online, and even offline that costs lesser than Empower Network.


Like for example, you can join Wealthy Affiliate with $0 cost, and they also don’t have up-sells that would disappoint you.




With investing comes risks, so, it very important to research on the company you plan to invest to. As with online businesses comes great responsibility. The good thing about this company is that they are honest in their terms and conditions on how you can earn with them, but also, they are one of those pricier MLM companies online.


As stated above, there are a lot of people who gave their reviews about the lessons offered here, however, they are also just like the others in the market (probably the others cost lesser than Empower Network). And a lot say that it isn’t worth it to invest on something you pay so much, when you can get it from another with no cost. So, it’s all up to you.


Your recommendations are highly appreciated, so please do state them in the comment box below. And if you are a member of Empower Network, then I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

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