Coffee Shop Millionaire Review – Read This First Before You Join!

Coffee Shop Millionaire A Complete Review

Coffee Shop Millionaire


Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire

Official Site:

Price: $37 per month + upsells

Owners: Anthony Trister

Rank: 62 out of 100 points.


The Product


The thing that catches the eyes of the consumers is the “millionaire” found in the name of My Coffee Shop Millionaire. The clients are enticed to join, and as they do, they’ll get lesson on how to market on the internet with the coaching material given by the program. So, read more for the review on Anthony Trister’s affiliate marketing company.


Pros vs. Cons



  • Cheap monthly fees that is great for starters.
  • They don’t give false hopes about the real numbers (of what you can earn + workload involved to earn).



  • A software called GURU is responsible for all the great claims about the program.
  • There are a lot of unknown or unwanted add-ons the company entails you to pay monthly, so, a lot of upsells are present.
  • Making money from this platform isn’t as easy as it sounds.
  • A lot of negative reviews have been given by their clients.
  • Outdated coaching scheme.

Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire Intended For?



Anyone (with or without online marketing experience) are free to check out the program, as their training scheme is flexible for whatever level you are in, as long as you know the basics of how to use the internet then you are good to go. They also offer simplified lessons that are great for any type of learners. A lot of husting, and time will be invested into the company as well if you really want to earn from it.

The company doesn’t have any active members that would help you out when you need help, so, gaining network isn’t easy for this platform. As the only way you can address your concerns is through their forum feature.


What’s Included in the Tools and Training


So, what can you expect from this program?

The Coffee Shop Millionaire gives their members twelve training materials that include everything you need for the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. Aside from that, they also offer video tutorials that has more information you can learn from. They offer a whole session that is meant to cover electronic mail advertising, video editing and promoting, article writing, and even a discussion about the economy! The only downside is that there are a lot of topics to cover that’s why most of the times their lessons are too vague that wouldn’t be fully internalized by the student.

Earning money from the internet isn’t as easy as it sounds, so, the whole advertising strategy of the company is quite faulty. But there are still a lot of people who are drawn to it, and this is mainly because of their promise in their site that you can earn $21K in just few days!


Does Anthony Offer ANY Support?


Despite their claims that they have a great customer service options, and even that they have a very engaging community; a lot of members have been complaining about the delayed replies of their support, and even most of the times none. This is a sign that you should take note.


The Price – $37 per month + Upsells


The membership fee of joining the company costs $37, however, as soon as you sign up you will be asked to pay for their “Six Figure Success Club” that would cost you another $297. So, you will have to pay a total of $334 right after signing up! Aside from that the company also offers a lot of upsells aside from your monthly fees!

Well, it doesn’t end there. As they also will charge you if you plan to make your website under them, and it also includes fees for the domain, and hosting (which is the greatest investment if you’ll try affiliate marketing as it is where you can make money from). The hosting alone is priced at $100+ of which is based on the type of hosting you will be using.


My Final Word on Coffee Shop Millionaire


As you Google the name of the company, a lot of great statements or even reviews are present. However, these could’ve been from affiliates of the platform to entice its customers.

Searching it would directly give you the exact link of the program, and the same video you’ll have to watch to know about the company. So, beware, and think thoroughly before planning to invest your hard-earned money to them. Yes, they offer and give great lectures on affiliate marketing, but take note that other companies offer the same thing too with a cost probably half of what this company will charge you.

So, if you’re willing to pay for just their training program, then, this company is for you.


Coffee Shop Millionaire at a Glance…


VERDICT: The company gives you so much promises, and even lets you pay for more than you get, which is a sign that it is really a bad investment to begin with.

If you have any thoughts about the program please leave them down below as I would gladly learn from that. Thank you!

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