Bring The Fresh – A Complete Review 2020

Is Bring The Fresh A Scam?


Name:  Bring the Fresh


Price: $7 trial, $89 for lifetime + lots of upsells/montoring in back office

Owners: Kelly Felix

Rank: 70 out of 100 points.


bring the fresh reviewCheck my bring the fresh review – read on. When you first hear the brand “Bring the Fresh” what comes first in your head? Well, it surely does sound like some cosmetic brand or something in between that. However, jokes aside, Bring the Fresh is actually another affiliate marketing company found in the internet, with a training scheme that is best for aspiring bloggers, and also for those who are just new to the field and wants to be linked with a company that offers research training tools, to learning how to monetize your blog, and even to creating great traffic in your sites.

The company provides a simple layout that beginners can easily work with, aside from that it is also one of the affiliate marketing sites that lets you profit from your work online.

Bring the Fresh entices its future members with its training scheme, as they provide lectures on how to strategize your future plans in your online enterprise that would possibly lead to your success. A lot of successful online businesses followed the strategies given by the company, proving that their training scheme do work, and worth the try.

Another advantage of the company that lets it prevail from the others in the market is its course to course training guide that lets you thoroughly review the tricks in making money through the internet.



  • Bring the Fresh offers a sensible approach type of training system.
  • They cost relatively on the inexpensive side.
  • The training scheme is very flexible, and can accommodate both starters and advanced students.
  • Bring the Fresh has members that are straightforward, and would gladly help newbies and other members with their concerns.
  • Their training scheme is proven, and they are best in terms of their quick way of setting up affiliate sites (only under 15 minutes).



  • Training start with the very basics, of which you may know already.
  • Their trial version of the program is quite pricier compared to the others.
  • There have been no claims yet that someone earned a large amount of money from the company.


Who Is Bring The Fresh For?


bring the fresh reviewThe foundation of the training scheme of Bring the Fresh is through short video tutorials, of which is very helpful for those who want to learn the tips and tricks into affiliate marketing through blogging. As you would only need a short span of your time to take in all the lessons to the technicalities of the platform you’ll be using. Lastly, making a WordPress website would be so much easier after the tutorial, and bring traffic into your site.

The company not only supports you in your journey in getting the perks of affiliate marketing which is the commission but also lets you learn how to broaden your creativity, and thinking when customizing your sites. They also teach members in the simplest way possible, unlike others in the internet that complicate things as if you have a business background.

You don’t have to be very skillful in terms of blogging as the training scheme is very easy to adjust to. From letting you access tutorials on ways on how to improve your marketing skills, they also upload these on a regular basis, of which assuring you that they are going to provide you with updated information (that is lacking in other companies). Aside from that the company will also help your site earn more through new sites, and resources that can lead to more traffic, and subscribers through their tools.

They also update their platform, and lets you have a lifetime membership as you sign up with them. You can also make use of their training programs whenever you want. It doesn’t matter what level are your skills are, whether you are a beginner or experienced. Their equipment provided are also updated so you won’t have to worry about how it works as it is timely whenever you plan to begin your online enterprise.


Bring The Fresh Tools And Training:


A lot of video tools are part of the tools and training the company offers. And together with every how-to tutorial are suggestions on what other sites can you make use of to look for new affiliates, and at the same time they also give you WordPress plug-ins you can use anytime. Lastly, content making tools that would be efficient in advertising your sites are readily available as soon as you sign up with them.

Being an expert to the fundamentals of affiliate marketing would take time, however, if you just patiently study and follow what the lectures say then you will definitely get the hang of the business, and we never know you might be able to train others into it afterwards.

Bring the Fresh assures its future members that as soon as you create your website with them, it would eventually run and be ready for access within few minutes only. And together with hustling hard by studying thoroughly how the business goes can help you improve your enterprise to another level.

A forum is also present in the platform where members can address their concerns with the program, and even share their own tips and tricks on how to earn from the online industry. Forums also include topics that are specifically for SEO and marketing that can provide additional knowledge to those future online entrepreneurs or present ones who want to expand their reach, and also make sure that sites part of their program gets the traffic it needs. Making it a tool surely worth every buck.


Bring The Fresh Support:


Both the staff and members of the program are offering full support to those who are new to the business, and surely are willing to give a helping hand when needed. Whenever a new member seeks for help, the community is open anytime through the forum tool, or the customer service representative that can be messages 24 hours daily!

If you have questions on third party sites and add-ons to looking for new affiliates or SEO, feel free to access the forums as answers regarding this topic are already present. The community is really welcoming, and emphasizes their answers in the simplest way as possible, so that the newbies wouldn’t feel any intimidation towards the others, and freely express their concerns.


Bring The Fresh Pricing:


So, how much does the program cost? The upfront charge of Bring the Fresh is $7, but if you want to access their lifetime version of the program it is only at $89. Upsells are also present in the program in forms of extra videos and what not that would appear out of nowhere, but no worries as the company won’t force you to actually spend on the upsells.


Final Thoughts:


Overall, Bring the Fresh is great company you can invest to if you want to venture on affiliate marketing, and so far, pars with the number one program currently, which is Wealthy Affiliate. And for more comparisons between the two, look at the comparison chart down below.


Wealthy Affiliate vs Bring The Fresh

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Well, enough for bring the fresh review. If so, feel free to put your ideas and opinions on the program, as I would love to hear your comments below. Thank you.

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