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Product Name:  Blogging With John chow

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Price: $37 for member access $47 for plus membership $97 for full premium membership.

Owner: John Chow

Product Quality: Limited

Rank: 3.5 out of 5.0




Heard about earning through affiliate marketing, and want to try it yourself? Then, Blogging with John Chow will help you in that journey. This type of platform with educate you with the steps on how to become a successful blogger. With the help of course of the experience Mr. Chow had, you are rest assured that you are in the right hands.


The company is well known for its teaching scheme that will help you conquer the blogging world, they will also assist you in creating your page where you will advertise your products, and where your earnings will be from the revenue of the ads your blogs will get.


The first things that you will encounter once you join the program would be: 1) a guide in making quality blogs, 2) produce a great linking strategy, and 3) develop your site into a blogging brand. Their tools are also made easy for beginners, as a guide is given for every tool letting you make your blog as quick as possible. They also included a ‘monetized’ feature where you can get paid for your posts for the brand.


The company offers different kinds of membership in their program, and this lets you make use of the upgraded tools, and perks their program has to offer (this includes an extra member access plus a help feature).


You have an option to not have the full-service package (if you still don’t have the extra cash to burn for this) because the company lets you begin your blog even without full package. There is also a feature wherein some extras can still be accessed with the aid of those in the higher levels of the membership, which can be great for advanced advertising, and upgrading your blog as well.


Pros and cons:



  • They offer great advertising guides that can be very useful for your blogging journey by helping you create blogs, and generate traffic with it.
  • John is deeply supportive with his members, so as his staff, and always make sure that his members are on top by the help of taking advantage of the current strategies from best bloggers worldwide.
  • Their training materials are also best for starters with its easy interface.
  • Their support system comes with great forums, and tools. Letting you enjoy these perks despite the membership type you have.



  • Sadly, they have a lot of upsells; and there are beneficial tools and content that are exclusive for the higher members.
  • The founder, John Chow, was linked with unsuccessful or illegitimate affiliate programs. Making his legitimacy questioned by some experts. Despite the great features by the program, other companies can also offer it that may have been of Mr. Chow’s idea as well.


Product overview:


Their training package lets you join their training course that includes their materials that will help you become a successful blogger (and monetize from it too). The coaching is personally done by the founder, while his staff are extremely helpful when needed. Their tools are also made according to what level you are in, so if you are in higher levels expect to have more useful tools.


Aside from the basics, you will also be able to use tools that can lead you to advanced levels from your beginner status together with their technical support that comes with it. You will be able to know how you can do other means of blogging like vlogging (video blogging), making podcasts, creating link strategies, to researching keywords that would be best for your blogs, even give you RSS providers that would aid in your analysis on your competitors, and stats, all for the best of your site. Their subsections and content are also updated based on what’s accepted in the current blogging industry. They offer resources that can be understood easily. Take note that the information that they provide is beneficial for both starters, and experts.


Besides that, the tools they give you can also make content that already has the keywords that would be best for search engine rankings, and fret not, as they would plagiarism proof. And that’s what their article spinners, and content making tools can do. Of which both lets you blog as easy as 123, providing you means of creating different blogs, with also different revenues. However, keep it in mind that Google doesn’t like this type of blogging (especially usage of article spinners or other blog making tools).


Who Is This Product For?


This program is best for those who want to achieve a lot in the blogging world, or someone who wants to try blogging out. Providing you a great number of educational materials, you will be well guided in your journey personally made by the founder. Advanced resources are also given once you are in the next levels (for more improvement). They also have tools that are wonderful for both beginners and experts. You can also earn from their system. Legitimacy is also assured here, however, note that they still have upsells in their program.


Training And Tools Overview:


One thing that this company takes proud of is their great tech support, helping members to gain contact with others through their forums, provides article spinners to make content writing easier, well research information about how to blog, and succeed in blogging; provide cost-friendly hosting services, and monetizing tools! They also regularly update their programs, and provide quality write-ups you can base your blogs on.




Aside from the tools, their support system is readily available in their forums feature. A customer service support is also present with the tools provided. Their hosting, and blogging packages are well explained, so that once you begin your journey you are guided thoroughly. The founder made sure that his members are well equipped as they go on their blogging journey despite the price point.




Their program costs $37 for the basic package, and the next level is priced at $47 (as you reach this level you have an option to try their higher level for a month for an additional $1). Their secondary upgrade is priced $97, of which concludes to a total of $181.

Blogging with John Chow truly is a fascinating program. So, if you want to try it, feel free to do so.


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